Course descriptions for summer music classes.

Click on the “Summer Registration Forms” tab to download tuition and schedule details.  Contact us at 432-561-5717 or for further information.

PRIVATE LESSONS (Piano, Voice, Violin, Guitar, Percussion)   New students (ages 6 – 18) are being accepted into the WTMA private lesson program for the summer session.  Parent and teacher will confer together to schedule six lesson times arranged around family vacation schedules. 

YOUNG SINGERS VOCAL CLASSES (ages 6 – 11)  Veteran music educator, Kathy Lollar, will present age appropriate vocal techniques, repertoire, and music literacy activities.  Students will discover their voices and will experience rhythmic and movement activities.  Children will learn to be independent musicians by discovering musical notation and applying it to songs and rhythm instruments.  Each class will meet weekly from 4:30 – 5:15.  Schedule:  Young Singers 1 (ages 6 – 7) Thursdays.  Young Singers 2 (ages 8 – 9) Wednesdays.  Young Singers 3 (ages 10 – 11)  Tuesdays.

BEGINNER PIANO CLASSES – ROBERT PACE METHOD (ages 6 -12)  Nancy Mitchell has received extensive training utilizing the Robert Pace piano method.  She offers beginning piano training for children ages 6 – 18.  Students will meet twice weekly for 45 minutes each time.  The schedule will be determined by Nancy and the parent.

MUSIC FOR MOPPETS (ages 4 – 5)  A joyful introduction to piano class method written by Helen Pace especially for very young beginners.  Creative learning activities tailored especially to this age group develop eye, ear, and finger coordination – a basic foundation for “musical thinking,” and most importantly, eagerness for the excitement and fun of music exploration.  MOPPETS classes are 45 minutes in length and meet twice weekly. (Nancy Mitchell, instructor)

LOVENOTES:  MUSIC FOR THE UNBORN CHILD.  Did you know that an unborn baby begins developing ears by the second month of gestation?  By the fifth month, these ears begin to hear!  Parent have the amazing opportunity to care for a child that they have yet to meet, and what better way to connect than through music?  LOVENOTES is a class designed to help parents bond with their unborn child through the language of music.  After birth, this language of music is one that can be used to soothe, love, and communicate with your newborn.  LOVENOTES classes (for mom and partner) are 45 minutes in length and meet once weekly. (Aron Byford, instructor.)

FIRST STEPS IN MUSIC FOR INFANTS AND YOUNGER TODDLERS.  Parent and infant bonding is seen to be a powerful tool to help development of children physically, socially, academically, and emotionally.  Infants are connecting neurons (or brain matter) at incredible rates.  One way to bond with an infant is through the mutual enjoyment of music.  FIRST STEPS FOR INFANTS AND TODDERS provides a focused opportunity for song, movement, and listening designed to foster bonding and enjoyment between parents and children.  FIRST STEPS classes (developed by John Feierabend) are 45 minutes in length and meet once weekly.  (Aron Byford, instructor.)

FIRST STEPS IN MUSIC FOR OLDER TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS.  As a child grows, he / she requires stimulation to continue the development of their brains.  Music is a perfect avenue for this stimulation and growth.  Toddlers and preschoolers have the unique gift of curiosity.  Music can encourage these young minds to be tuneful, beatful, and artful children.  In FIRST STEPS FOR OLDER TODDLERS AND PRESCHOOLERS, students have the opportunity to explore their voices and movement with music.  Parents may drop off their kids, stay and watch, or fully engage and participate as they choose.  FIRST STEPS classes (developed by John Feierabend) are 45 minutes in length and meet once weekly.  (Aron Byford, instructor.)